Exclusive Themes Sure we’ve been developing themes for clients almost a year now, and we finally got around to launching a public theme gallery and shop. Hey, we even managed to release two themes for public consumption this month(CherrySoda and KikiBerry). We would love to be able to put out more themes that we do however, allot of our work comes from customers who want custom themes developing for their upcoming projects. This is a service that we offer at a variable price, and caters for the majority of our revenue.

Some of these designs include BlueSlide, BluSteel, GreenBreeze and LemonFizz all of which have been snapped up by enthusiastic customers. So if you need a theme fast, why not try using our custom theme service? Where you get to decide exactly what you blog looks like.

In other news, we are going to start actively seeking sponsorship, advertising as well as promoting our free blog reviewing service. This is in addition to the aforementioned custom design work, and releasing themes for sale in our gallery of course!

Happy Blogging,